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2015 Sculling Lessons - Learn to Row

Rowing on the Great Salt Lake is a wonderful way to exercise and experience the lake.  Rowing is a great activity because it is easy on the joints and can be done by people of all abilities and physical goals.  Rowing can be relaxing like a walk in the park or intense and competitive depending on each rower's desires.  

Great Salt Lake Rowing will begin classes during the first week of April and continue throughout the spring and summer.  Classes will be small and be for rowers of all ages, physical abilities, and experience.

Opportunities for competitions and group rowing activities are available with Great Salt Lake Rowing Memberships. 


New this year there are 3 different levels of rowing lessons!  If you are interested in joining a series please contact Irene Lysenko at or Diane Horrocks at

Please note, after you finish your Lessons you will have 1 month of free Membership to decide if you want to join the club or sign up for additional Lessons.  This year 50% of all Lesson Fees will be applied to your Membership.

Learn-to-Row Level 1 ($150) - The majority of rowing that is done with Great Salt Lake Rowing is in single and double sculling boats.  This series includes 5 lessons and the use of GSLR equipment.  You will learn:

  1. Water Safety
  2. Erging
  3. Basic Stroke
  4. Boat Maintenance
  5. Single (Maas)

YOUR FIRST ROW: bring a full water bottle, hat and sunscreen. Wear snug fitting athletic clothing appropriate to the weather. You need maximal freedom of movement without the risk of loose clothing snagging in the tracks or catching your thumbs (open pockets on front are a no-no). Cycling clothing works well. Please also bring a signed waiver.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: Each lesson series will begin with a review of boating safety and the geography and water conditions of the Great Salt Lake. Rowers will then learn the basics of the rowing stroke in a wide, stable ocean shell. After a series of five lessons, most rowers will be qualified to become members of Great Salt Lake Rowing, where they may participate in club rows, row individually (weather permitting), or develop their rowing abilities further in coached sessions for future racing.

Learn-to-Row Level 2 ($100) - Whether you need a review, don't feel ready to row on your own or want companions when you row this is a great series. There are four lessons in this series and the cost is $100 for the series. You will:

  1. Learn Advanced stroking
  2. Learn Group Rowing (doubles, fours, quads, eights)
  3. Review boat maintenance
  4. Review water safety


Competitive Rowing Level 2 ($150) - This series is great for rowers that are ready to take it up a notch.  If you are interested in racing, especially with a group consider this series.  This is a 6 to 8 week weekly or bi-weekly training regime for $150.  You will:

  1. Train for local competitions
  2. Focus on group rowing, or if you prefer singles
  3. Commit to a boat
  4. Work on Racing starts and strategy
  5. Work on Technique
  6. Improve your overall fitness


Private lessons are also available to help improve you technique.  These will be one hour long and are $50 for members and $75 for non-members. Contact Irene Lysenko by e-mail at



ALL ROWERS must pass a "check-out" from a qualified coach and be registered members of Great Salt Lake Rowing before joining GSLR to use equipment outside their lesson times. Experienced rowers new to Great Salt Lake Rowing should contact Irene Lysenko by email at to schedule a checkout.



The beautiful environment and unusual water conditions on the Great Salt Lake make it an interesting place to row for those who pass through this part of the country. We are always excited to interact with rowers from other parts of the world. Experienced rowers from other USRowing member clubs or international clubs who travel to Salt Lake City may row as a guest of the club. The guest fee is $25.00 per row, and the guest may row only during a coached "Club Row" with the approval of the coach, or when accompanied by a GSLR board member. Contact Diane Horrocks at 801-302-8782 to arrange for a guest row.
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